Long overdue

I don’t know how many times I’ve told myself that I’m going to start posting here again. I keep having ideas of what to write about but never get around to it. So what I’ve learned from this is to not tell myself that I will post regularly, I will just post when I feel like there’s something I want to write about.

Something I want to write about this time, is the fact that I’m currently raiding! Continue reading

Hooked on warlock

I’ve been playing a lot of warlock lately, and I have to admit, I like this class way more than I first thought I would. I was only planning on doing some PvP with an irl friend and not much else. Now I’m almost always playing this character, LFR, farming mats to level professions, PvP, everything. Continue reading

Warlock PEW PEW

HashiraI haven’t been able to do much PvP lately on my alliance characters, can’t seem to find anyone to play with. The people I usually play with haven’t been around much and it seems like it’s impossible to find random people who wants to play with a shadowpriest. At least one that doesn’t have full Grievous.

I’ve had some plans to play a little bit of horde, my plan was to gear up my mage and level my second monk, but ugh, so much effort. Since I really missed playing with my irl friend Niclas (known to some as Myggan or Myggx) I decided to transfer one of my alliance characters that had somewhat decent pvp gear since I was too lazy to do the full pvp gear grind on my mage in the first place. So I picked my warlock, not had a chance to play it much, and I don’t really remember how to play it, so I thought it’d be fun to give it a try. At first I was going to go with destruction because that’s the specc I’m most familiar with, but I’ve been watching a lot of streams lately and it seems like most warlocks go with affliction in PvP. I’ve heard that destro is still very much viable, but I thought affliction looked like fun.

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First fun run of 2014!

Something I look forward to every week, is the Friday Fun Run. Unfortunately I can only usually come every other week, but since it’s been Christmas and New years, I’ve been able to go the last 2 weeks.

I didn’t post anything last week, because I’ve been really lazy with this blog, and I’ve also been working on this new layout and all that. I just want to quickly mention what we did last week. I want to start by thanking the people who came to help me Continue reading

New home!

Quite a while ago, I made a blog post about wanting to change the looks and everything on my blog. Well the day has finally come. I’m happy to introduce you to cepheusTV!

This will mainly be my blog, but also have some other WoW related stuff, like macros and stuff I use. Eventually, if I have the time, I have some ideas for basic PvP guides for beginners. I’m no gladiator or anything, but I do love to see more people get involved in PvP and trying it out, and if I can help anyone, then it would be my pleasure.

I’m gonna try to update this blog a lot more than I have, I’ve just felt really stressed lately, with work and Christmas and all that. I’ve also not been streaming as much as I wanted to.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts of any kind for this blog/website, I would love to hear from you. It may not seem like much to some, but I do want to make this at least a little bit interesting.

Thank you.

It finally happened!

Been meaning to make this post for a while now, but better late than never right. I’ve been playing PvP since I started playing WoW, and I’ve done arena since season 1. I didn’t like arena back then, at all, for multiple reasons, but I still played arenas in every season. I did this because I love PvP, always have, always will. I started to enjoy it more and more when I played with my roommate back in season 9. At this point we were back in the guild we were in when we first got to know each other, Prophetia Nocturna. We had gotten quite a few old members as well as a few new ones. One of these new members was Dazhagra. He was 17 then, and didn’t really come off to a great start, but once we got to know him, that all changed.
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The cake is not a lie!

I’ve had the urge to bake something for quite a while now, and I keep telling my friends that I’m going to bake something but they never believe me. Now it finally happened. I decided to make a horde cake, because a horde logo seemed to be a lot easier to make than an alliance logo and I couldn’t really think of anything else. I took some pictures and thought I’d go through how I did it and show you the end result 🙂
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Friday Fun Run

The last 2 Fridays I’ve been doing some classic raiding with a great bunch of people. It was my girlfriend, Rinike of Rinike’s Wardrobe, who introduced me to them. I have to say, it’s a blast. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for quite a while, not just the transmog runs where you basically only go there for the gear, but also for the good times with other people.
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Change of plans

I think I’m going to change this blog a bit, my initial idea was to post about PvP, and mostly monk. However I have started doing more things in the game lately other than just PvP. I’m playing more characters, I do more PvE, and believe it or not, I’m doing pet battles!

Gonna start working on redoing the look of the blog too, so it doesn’t look like all monk. I’m also going to start taking screenshots and posting them here.
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