Thoughts about 5.3 so far

So 5.3 has been out for a while, and it seems like there’s been a change in what classes/specs are the biggest annoyance right now. Feral druids do so much damage that you can barely heal through it, elemental shamans went from shit to awesome and hunters are now even more OP than before.

Hunters with their scatter+trap, their high damage along with silencing shot gives me a whole lot of trouble. I think there’s only one thing that annoys me more than hunter teams right now, and that’s feral/disc teams. Oh my god they’re annoying. Cyclone from both of them, fears, the feral has dispersion and the damage is absolutely ridiculous. Bleed ticks for around 40k and crits for 60-70k. If you try to switch to the priest, instant Spectral Guise.

With the complaining out of the way, here are some good news. Monks feel a lot stronger now, and even more fun to play. Nimble brew helps a lot and it’s great that I can avoid at least some CC. Lately I’ve also contemplated changing my human monk to night elf, to get shadowmeld. Human racials aren’t really worth it compared to being able to shadowmeld to avoid CC.

We’ve been able to get a decent rating in both 2s and 3s. Might even break 2k in a near future, and that makes me very happy.

// Scags

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