Change of plans

I think I’m going to change this blog a bit, my initial idea was to post about PvP, and mostly monk. However I have started doing more things in the game lately other than just PvP. I’m playing more characters, I do more PvE, and believe it or not, I’m doing pet battles!

Gonna start working on redoing the look of the blog too, so it doesn’t look like all monk. I’m also going to start taking screenshots and posting them here.

One thing I’m quite happy about is that I’ve gotten back in to playing warrior, both PvE and PvP. I’ve always had ups and downs with different classes, but warrior and rogue are usually the ones I come back to. Slowly getting gear as Fury and some offspec tank. The thing about tanking is, I’ve not done it for so long and I don’t really take it lightly, if I’m going to tank, I want to do it really well. Dps is just, easier. Might get the courage to try it out when I have some gear for it. As for PvP, I’ve not really tried to get a decent rating or a decent team on my warrior though, think I’ll do that next season. I also might try out flagcarrier next season. It’s something I’ve never done in RBGs.

Getting a decent rating is something I’m doing on my monk though, at the moment I’m at 1974 rating, so close to the 2000 achievement. I was even close the other day when I had 1991 rating, one win away from it. Saying I was “frustrated” is an understatement. We’re doing quite well though, so I’m sure I’ll get it soon.


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