Friday Fun Run

The last 2 Fridays I’ve been doing some classic raiding with a great bunch of people. It was my girlfriend, Rinike of Rinike’s Wardrobe, who introduced me to them. I have to say, it’s a blast. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for quite a while, not just the transmog runs where you basically only go there for the gear, but also for the good times with other people.

Last week we went to one of my favorite raids, Ulduar. Had a bit of a hick-up on the first boss, but after that it was pretty much smooth sailing for the rest of the evening. Unfortunately we were missing one person, Murky. We took some screenshots to let her know that she wasn’t forgotten. I wish I had taken some screenshots from this myself, but I forgot.

Here we are at Deathwing, the last boss of Dragon Soul.

Moving on to this week, our first stop was Dragon Soul. Since we were so many people, the bosses weren’t very hard, as you can imagine. Except Spine of Deathwing. Seems like too much dps can give you a little bit of trouble. It was nothing we couldn’t handle though.

After we had slain Deathwing, we had 2 other dragons on our list. Sartharion and Malygos.
Not much to say about Satharion really, but with Malygos it was pretty funny to see that you can’t kill him in the first phase, he stops at 1 hp, and when you get to phase 3 and you’re on your drake, he instantly dies.

We had one more raid to complete before we called it a night. Trial of the Crusader, which is a raid I have a bit of mixed feelings about. On one hand, I like that there’s no trash between bosses, but at the same time, it feels more like a raid when there are trash. I do miss the feel of old raids, I can’t put my finger on it, but I’ve not had that “raid instance” feeling since ICC. The new Pandaria raids are cool and all, but still not that same feel as the old ones had. Maybe it’s just me who’s played this game for so long and get overly nostalgic, who knows. One thing I do know though, is that I’m very grateful of these people letting me tag along to have fun in old raids.

As far as my transmog gear goes, I’m not really bothered about it. Of course there are items and sets I want for various characters, and I still want that, but it’s not the reason why I tag along to these raids.

Looking forward to next weeks adventure!

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  1. Maybe it’s LFR ruining that feeling for you? If you get the chance to faceroll the content before actually doing it, must take something away from it, I’d imagine. 🙂

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