The cake is not a lie!

I’ve had the urge to bake something for quite a while now, and I keep telling my friends that I’m going to bake something but they never believe me. Now it finally happened. I decided to make a horde cake, because a horde logo seemed to be a lot easier to make than an alliance logo and I couldn’t really think of anything else. I took some pictures and thought I’d go through how I did it and show you the end result 🙂

Since I’m allergic to gluten, I had to find a glutenfree recipe. It’s usually a lot harder to make a decent cake with this flour.

After some googling I found a recipe I was happy with and went out to get the stuff I needed. As I’m writing this, I’ve still not tasted the cake, letting it stay in the fridge over night.

I didn’t have a cake leveler, so I thought I’d just make two cakes and put them on top of eachother, that way the cake would hopefully be a bit higher as well.

The recipe said around 40 min in the oven, but it was ready after 25, so making 2 cakes didn’t take nearly as long as I first anticipated.

The frosting I used was pretty much the easiest frosting imaginable. Some cream cheese with chocolate flavor and powdered sugar. That was it. Just mixed it well and let it soften a little bit in room temperature. I was surprised how yummy it was. I was supposed to add some Nutella, but kind of felt like it wasn’t needed. I might end up trying that if I make this cake again, or at least make the frosting again.

For my horde cake I wanted a bit of a “rough” look. I remember seeing Rosanna Pansino, on her Nerdy Nummies show, make “dirt” with Oreo’s and biscuits. I decided to try that out and boy was I amazed with how it turned out. It actually looked like something I grabbed from the garden. At this point I was getting really excited to see how it would look when it was on the cake.

Right, horde logo. For this I took baking paper, taped it on my monitor, googled a nice horde logo and drew an outline so I could cut it out. I had some different ideas of what to make the logo with. My first thought was to get some almond paste and dye it red with food dye, but didn’t think it would be very easy to cut in. I’ve seen others use a fondant which is easy to sculpt with, but I couldn’t find it in any stores, and the recipes I found were all American, and I couldn’t find most of the ingredients. I finally decided on strawberry/rhubarb marzipan.

The marzipan was actually quite decent to cut in, and since this is my first cake ever, I felt like I didn’t want to make things too advanced.

It looked really cool after it was cut out!

After this I completely forgot to keep taking photos. For the filling I used the frosting mostly and I got whole raspberries and grated nougat over them. Cake was finally coming together, I put the second cake over it, and started adding the frosting over the whole cake. It took a lot of frosting to cover the entire cake, even had to make more than I originally had. Horde logo went on and so did the “dirt”. I had to pretty much throw it on from the sides with a spoon, then pick up the “dirt” that didn’t stick and throw it again until the whole cake was covered, except the logo.

Here it is! Horde cake! I have to admit that I’m quite pleased with it. My first cake. Ever.

I know I play alliance mostly but I’m still horde at heart. It was so much fun to make this cake, and I have a feeling there will be more.

I’d like to give a big big thank you to my amazing girlfriend Rinike who helped me a lot. My sister deserves a thank you as well.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any feedback or question’s please leave a comment. FOR THE HORDE!

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  1. That’s amazing! Did it taste good?!

    For future baking, try hazelnut flour if you’re gluten free. It adds the springy-ness of cakes back and tastes gooooood 🙂

    Not sure about the Horde logo though, so…

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