It finally happened!

Been meaning to make this post for a while now, but better late than never right. I’ve been playing PvP since I started playing WoW, and I’ve done arena since season 1. I didn’t like arena back then, at all, for multiple reasons, but I still played arenas in every season. I did this because I love PvP, always have, always will. I started to enjoy it more and more when I played with my roommate back in season 9. At this point we were back in the guild we were in when we first got to know each other, Prophetia Nocturna. We had gotten quite a few old members as well as a few new ones. One of these new members was Dazhagra. He was 17 then, and didn’t really come off to a great start, but once we got to know him, that all changed.

Today, I do most of my arenas and pvp in general, with Dazhagra. We do 2s and 3s on basically any character we want. We know each other so well in arenas now that we anticipate what the other one will do and our mindset about PvP is the same. Anyway, what I want to tell you with this post is that we finally made it past 2k rating in 2s. A little late you might think, but we’ve not really tried to go for rating before. The last match we played was probably the weirdest one I’ve ever played.

I was playing my Monk, and Daz is a DK. We had been 1 win away from getting the 2k achievement 3 times that evening, and I was getting really frustrated. I don’t really get arena shakes anymore (I used to, a lot), but this time, I did. We’re up against a DK and holy paladin. Right off the bat we tried to get the upper hand by dpsing their DK, I was helping with my Xuen and crackling jade lightning. Didn’t take long until they were struggling and we felt like this was a sure win this time. Of course it wasn’t going to be that simple, and they fought back. We didn’t really have any problems, they didn’t do much damage to us. Then we tried to go for a kill, and at this point I was completely tunnel visioning the DK and we killed him, YAY, right? Wrong, turns out I forgot to heal Daz because I was so set on killing this guy. So yes, I’ll just pause here so you can giggle at the healer who forgot to heal.

Alright, let me continue. I still thought I could win this game, and I was sure as hell not gonna leave. I tried luring the paladin to the other side of the map so I could root him and sprint across to Daz and resurrect him. That plan didn’t work, the paladin just sprinted after. I started ressing anyway, then, so did he. I was thinking “is this really happening, are we both ressing?”. Both DK’s back in the game, but now we had problems. I was almost completely out of mana, and the paladin wasn’t. Daz didn’t have any cooldowns left, but their DK did. I managed to break free for long enough to drink and get a few ticks of mana. and then we just went full force, all my mana went to dps, and we did all we could to get that DK down. We both interrupted the paladin and a timely paralysis after that and the DK was dead. Felt so good to win that game, and I even had jelly legs after. This is why I love PvP.

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