Warlock PEW PEW

HashiraI haven’t been able to do much PvP lately on my alliance characters, can’t seem to find anyone to play with. The people I usually play with haven’t been around much and it seems like it’s impossible to find random people who wants to play with a shadowpriest. At least one that doesn’t have full Grievous.

I’ve had some plans to play a little bit of horde, my plan was to gear up my mage and level my second monk, but ugh, so much effort. Since I really missed playing with my irl friend Niclas (known to some as Myggan or Myggx) I decided to transfer one of my alliance characters that had somewhat decent pvp gear since I was too lazy to do the full pvp gear grind on my mage in the first place. So I picked my warlock, not had a chance to play it much, and I don’t really remember how to play it, so I thought it’d be fun to give it a try. At first I was going to go with destruction because that’s the specc I’m most familiar with, but I’ve been watching a lot of streams lately and it seems like most warlocks go with affliction in PvP. I’ve heard that destro is still very much viable, but I thought affliction looked like fun.

So far I’m having a blast. Been playing both 2s (Lock/SPriest) and 3s (Lock/SPriest/RDruid) and it’s not going too bad. Been getting a lot of Grievous gear really fast thanks to the catch up system. It also feels really good to play horde again, I’ve missed it. Too bad all the amazing people I play with play alliance, since there’s no way I’m leaving them just to play horde.

Thought I’d link a clip of me playing warlock.
Don’t expect anything amazing :p


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