Hooked on warlock

I’ve been playing a lot of warlock lately, and I have to admit, I like this class way more than I first thought I would. I was only planning on doing some PvP with an irl friend and not much else. Now I’m almost always playing this character, LFR, farming mats to level professions, PvP, everything.

While I have missed playing horde, most of the people I enjoy playing with are alliance, and since I’ve pretty much decided to play my warlock as my main character for the foreseeable future, I will miss out on playing with those people. I’ve started leveling another alliance warlock too now, one that I plan to use my level 90 boost on.

With the new season almost here, I hope I actually get to play this time. I feel like I’m prepared gearwise and I’m quite eager to get started. Not always as easy these days to get time to push for some rating since we’re all grown up now, with jobs and some with kids etc. Not like when we were playing all day every day like back in vanilla 🙂
I am pretty confident that we can break 2k though, we’ve got a decent comp (Rogue/Lock/Druid) and we just need to get used to playing together.


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